New mobile app

ComTech-Consult developed software for mobile devices to monitor activities of field employees. This software was developed as the further development of the Consulting Services for Institutional Strengthening for Integrated Water Resources Management (Package A) Project for the use of technicians and has the following functions:

  • The software allows an offline database (DB) on mobile devices to record employees’ activities in the field.
  • While capturing events, a text event description, a photo, GPS coordinates and a satellite date and time are recorded.
  • It was taken into account that at the time of collection of information on the mobile device there may be no connection with the Internet network and even simply mobile communication.
  • The process of fixing an event occurs very quickly: when photographing, the GPS / time data is immediately determined and then a little time is needed to add an optional text description of the event. When a mobile device hits a communication area with a cellular operator or in a Wi-Fi zone, the mobile device’s database is automatically synchronized with the central database.
  • Heads of the central, regional and district levels through the Internet have access to the central database to monitor the work of their employees through the system of reporting and viewing of photographic materials.

In addition, this application can monitor the work discipline of remote workers without using expensive GSM tracing.