About us

Our business dimensions are:

Natural Resources

  • Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Irrigation and Drainage
  • Detail design of hydraulic and civil structures, supervision of construction
  • Dams’ safety
  • Environmental protection and biodiversity conservation, including climate change, green economy, EIA, SEA, water quality, natural disasters risk assessment

Information Technologies

  • IT consulting
  • Technical assistance, including websites development for projects and creation of common communication space for joint project work
  • Software development for financial and management accounting of enterprises
  • Application and integration of ERP/CRM systems


  • Training for experts

  • Ensuring effective engagement in the target sectors of the economy
  • Institutional Development
  • Regulatory and legal support
  • Recruitment of international and local consultants, experts, engineers, technicians, and support staff
  • Travel support (visas, hotels, tickets, transportation)
  • Organization and conducting of conferences, workshops, meetings, moderating discussions

Our Mission is to provide consulting services based on best practices for the development projects targeted at natural resources, IT technologies, and health care.
Our experts are well aware about local conditions and mentality of counterparts of the regions. Our feature is the comprehensive consideration of the specifics of the Customers’ capabilities and local conditions. This is the key element in the success of our activities.

Our vision is the widespread promotion of modern technologies in all areas of our activities.
To realize our aspirations, we develop new software, stimulate the use of modern methods in the design of constructions and numerical modelling to ensure hydraulic structures’ safety.
The continuing professional development of consultants and experts, the further strengthening of vertical and horizontal links with our partners are our priorities.

Our Strengths

  • Engagements with the line ministries of Russia and Central Asian states
  • Solid relationships with partners at local, regional, and international organisations and institutions
  • Pool of excellent international and regional consultants with large experience of implementation of various projects
  • Distinction in work: meeting the needs of each Client
  • Responsibility and confidentiality: we take full responsibility for the achievement of the result and the efficiency of the work performed, as well as for ensuring the safety and confidentiality of customer data within the framework of the concluded contracts
  • The entity of the company which ensures the specialization of experts in specific areas, and at the same time attracting various specialists to address problems, we see each situation at the various angles